Printing and saving Pinterest boards


Wouldn’t it be fantastic to be able to print a Pinterest board? If the thought has crossed your mind, a workaround is now available.

By following an uncomplicated three-step process, Pinterest boards can now be printed as a PDF or archived for future use.

Printing Pinterest Steps

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10 Responses to “Printing and saving Pinterest boards”

  1. trilliumlady Says:

    doesn’t work any more. 😦 At least not in Firefox. I only get page 1.

  2. Dan Says:

    How do you open a print window & does the process actually open up the recipe ?

  3. Fiola Says:

    I have a MacBook Pro and discovered I could print the images by choosing “Print Background” on my print page. I opened the board I wanted to print, chose “Print” and in the box that lets me select how many copies, what pages to print, etc, I had a choice of “Print Background”. I tried it and it printed the images! Great news!

    I also am not sure what it means to “open a print window”. (Maybe it’s what I did when I chose “File / Print”?)
    “Control + Print” did not work and I could not find “Print to PDF”, so I looked around a bit, tried this and, voila!, the images printed.
    Super easy.
    BTW, my computer is about 10 years old; the software may not be current either.
    Hope this helps someone. Good luck!

    • Jacqui Says:

      Fiola – you are a genius – I have just spent half an hour on tutorials and nothing worked – your tip did – I know its 2017 but hope you are reading this!!

  4. Judy Ciccolelli Oles Says:

    this doesnt work for me, cant find the “print to PDF” tab want to print out receipes

  5. Erica Nelson Says:

    Show me how, i have no clue how to create a board

  6. Susan Says:

    I am working from an I-pad, and can’t figure out how to print from pintrest

  7. Kathleen Keenan Says:

    What is a PRINT WINDOW? I don’t know what to do in order to print a pin ?

  8. Ted Shank Says:

    How do I find the boards and pins that I have Saved?

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