Big Week for May 2013 Grads!


Can you believe we’re already at Week 3 of the Early Spring semester? I’ve submitted one paper so far for my Internal Brand Communication class and it felt great to complete it! Our assignment was to describe a political leader, anyone from the mid-20th century through today, and examine whether or not they promoted positive change. It was one of those papers that I didn’t mind writing because each article I found was so interesting.

college-graduation-checklist1-300x257Besides getting the first paper out of the way, it’s been an exciting few days for other reasons…myself and other May 2013 grads got word we could order our caps and gowns, RSVP for the ceremony and officially apply to graduate. I did all three as soon as I could! Now, the mission to find the perfect graduation shoes begins!

The feeling of completing my studies is so much sweeter this time compared to my final undergraduate weeks. Back in 2007, when I earned my BA from Walsh University, I was looking for a job and wondering where life would take my friends and I. As they found jobs and eventually moved away, I was still searching for work and hoping for my life to come together. There was definitely some fear and uncertainty as I donned my graduation attire almost six years ago.

Today, I have a job that I’m very passionate about and a home that I love – the uncertainty isn’t present. I also know that I am really lucky to have all I do. Perhaps that is the joy of earning a master’s degree – you’re wiser, more confident and know to appreciate all you have.

Have you submitted any papers yet for the semester? If so, tell me what they were about!

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