What I Did Over My Winter Break


So…how was everyone’s winter break? Did you enjoy the time off or were you itching to return to class?

My break went by quickly, but I feel that I accomplished a lot! On Christmas Eve, I submitted my final project for Social Media and Marketing and from then on, I kept busy! These three week breaks in between the Fall and Spring semesters are often a nice reward for the hard work we’ve put into our courses.

My staircase always looks so boring post-Christmas!

My staircase always looks so boring post-Christmas!

Once our final grades were posted, I relaxed a little, celebrated finishing my 11th course, took down my holiday decorations and worked. I traded writing papers for reading, shopping and cleaning my house, but all in all, by this past weekend, I was looking forward to class beginning. I was ready for something new! There is something special about that first week, whether it be finding out who is in your class, learning about your classmates in their Week 1 posts or finding out your assignment schedule.

This term I’m taking Internal Brand Communication followed by Campaigns in Late Spring. This weekend in Northeast Ohio, it was 60+ degrees, making it actually feel like spring when beginning the Spring semester.

I know this semester will be extra exciting, because it’s my final one. I’m looking forward to the next 18 weeks because I’m so very close to the finish line!

finish line

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One Response to “What I Did Over My Winter Break”

  1. valerieater Says:

    Congratulations on being in your “final lap!”

    I too am excited, yet apprehensive, with the beginning of class(es). I get a bit stressed until I get the grades for the fist discussion posts and assignment.

    I am taking IMC 622 Multicultural Marketing and really looking forward to a fun, informative and exciting class. Like you, it is always fun to see familiar names on the class member list and meet new classmates.

    I am looking forward to INTEGRATE 2013 and seeing some friends from last year and meeting new ones.

    I began 2013 in Beijing, China with an awesome massage!!! I fly to Honolulu tomorrow, then to Berlin, Germany on the 20th. A busy month to be topped with my daughter’s wedding on Feb 2, 2013.

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