Define your train car on the social media locomotive before the 2013 New Year departure


Social media as a tool for engagement, both professionally and personally, has left the platform station and the end of the line has yet to be determined. As each station passes, a participant’s journey is filled with an ongoing barrage of messages. With every Like, Retweet, and Repin the participant of social media has to leverage their judgment on the worthiness of posted content. As master curator and publisher for their own social networks, quality not quantity is what will keep the train moving forward during 2013.

Quantity marketing, on the other hand, is so 2012. How many times this past year have you unsubscribed from email distribution lists because you received one too many solicitations? With HTML email requirement procedures, such as the CAN SPAM Act, participants of social media have the option to turn off conversations from marketers. Taking control of marketing solicitation might mean leveraging the un+prefix (unsubscribing, unliking, unfriending, and unfollowing), to weed out brands and friends practicing quantity marketing.

Overloaded consumers of yesteryears inundated with telemarketing messaging simply took the phone off the hook. For the multi-device generation, shutting down engagement devices only happens when mandated on airplanes. Social media marketing is not just an evening telephone call; this is a 24/7 conversation-driving powerhouse.

Feeding the social media powerhouse means that brands of all sizes need to stop talking at participants and instead converse with their followers in the never ending twenty four seven conversation. With the help of integrated marketing communications, brands can break down the silo from being a provider of quantity marketing to a provider of quality marketing that is consistent across all distribution touch points.

Flipboard Logo

For those brands that continue to market without a filter, my takeaway is to simplify those conversations down to just one manageable train car instead of trying to manage the entire train. Just as, you clean your house social cleaning is necessary to purge the quantity and re-engage with the quality. Flipboard, an app for iOS and Android has helped me to consolidate content I deem quality into a social media magazine. I recommend holistically examining what social engagements you deem worthy and define your train car before the 2013 departure otherwise you will be derailed.

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