When Does It Become Too Much?


Working, schoolwork and volunteer commitments can often be a juggling act! I always put work commitments first, then schoolwork and whatever time is left can be put toward volunteering. Sometimes I feel guilty taking time out for myself or saying “no” when someone asks me to help with a volunteer commitment.

But this past fall, I got sick more times than I ever had before. Between August and November, I had three ear infections and a sinus infection – I just couldn’t beat the germs. I realized that I wasn’t setting aside time for rest and my energy levels were low.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve made a strong effort to give myself at least one free night with no commitments. This way, I can still be active but also have time for myself. And you know what? It’s working…I’ve been healthy and more relaxed! In turn, I feel like a much more dedicated employee and student, which are important qualities to me.

I admit, on occasion, I still might push myself too much. Last Sunday, I didn’t have a paper due so I talked myself into running errands, attending an exercise class at my local YMCA and completing other tasks when I just needed an afternoon to rest. The next day, I was worn out and asleep by 7PM. Because I pushed myself too hard, I lost a night that could have been productive.

Are you guilty of taking on a lot of commitments, too?

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3 Responses to “When Does It Become Too Much?”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    Hi Nicole,

    I can completely relate. This past fall was by far the most difficult semester for me- not only was the course wok challenging, but I planned my wedding and got married, work full time at my regular job, and also work 3 evenings a week at my second job.

    Today, as I am finishing my course work for the late fall term, I am completely and utterly worn out. The holidays are a great time to enjoy time with loved ones and rest up. I’m finding that as challenging as my life is, I need at least 1 night a week to do nothing (or to veg out on The Big Bang Theory, Gossip Girl, and any other shows I’ve missed over the past week.)

    Good luck to everyone as they are finshing their late fall classwork!

  2. nicolehagy Says:

    Hi Rebecca!

    It sounds like you have great time management skills! I don’t know how you do it all!

  3. Valerie Lee Ater Says:

    Hi Nicole,

    I too can completely relate! Add to the mix that I travel internationally and endure a variety of time changes on a daily basis.

    I have had the instance where I had to drop a class as I was constantly sick with sinus, migraine or severe back pain…

    I have learned to manage my time so that I don’t stress about the time differences when it comes to deadlines for discussion postings and/or papers.

    Flying internationally, working on promoting y husband’s book and planning my daughter’s Feb 2013 wedding leaves me often with little time to “veg”. Sometimes, as you mentioned simply put aside everything and make time for themselves…

    Hope all is well with you. Looking forward to INTEGRATE 2013 and to seeing you once again.

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