Would you “check your tech” at the door for a discount?


Does your meal typically include a cell phone?

Are you addicted to your iPhone, iPad or laptop? I think most of my generation would have a hard time being separated from their cell phone for an hour. Turns out – restaurant owners have noticed this, too!

Eva Restaurant in Los Angeles is offering a 5% discount to any patron who chooses to leave their technology at the door before being seated. A recent article from Mashable weighs the pros and cons of taking the restaurant up on their offer.

Sure, my Facebook Newsfeed is filled with people checking-in at a location and photos of fancy food, but through this initiative, diners gain the ability to connect with their friends or family in-person.

Most days during the week, I eat out alone. It is nice to take a quick, quiet break  and catch up on my personal email, see what my favorite celebrities are posting on Twitter or even, play Words with Friends while waiting for my meal. In these instances, I might skip the discount, but if I was dining with someone, I’d probably “check my tech” at the door.

How about you? Is a 5% discount enough to keep your phone off the table?

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