Winning in an Age of Coworking Spaces


Integrated marketing communications is a unique field of study and a journey in orchestration. As consumers deal with information overload and hungry marketers trying to vy for their attention, seamless communication has never been more valuable. The beauty of IMC is the fact that we are able to narrow down our audience and choose the most appropriate methods for creating awareness and building brand affinity.

The dynamics of integrated marketing communications are similar to the concept of coworking spaces.

Individuals with many talents and big ideas come together in a hub environment where they can work with and around likeminded individuals. Think synergies and bootstrapping in full effect. Integrated marketing communications is just a fancy term for collaborative messaging. Both coworking and IMC take advantage of the power of many to shift, inspire, cause, activate, and impact.

Recent social media activity brought to light a unique concept called SBASECAMP.

SBASECAMP is a coworking space where entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses work together. They provide a creative, fun and productive work environment.


What’s really cool about this concept is the fact that the organization is using Pinterest! Talk about the power of the crowd combined with one of the hottest social networks in the new media arena. Pinterest should be on people’s radar who want to make an impact and build a community. The success of sites like Pinterest and Interesante is built on the value of imagery and visual communication. People have a unique affinity with visual information design and this presents a real opportunity for individuals and brands alike.

Another cool coworking concept is the Wix Lounge in New York City.

Cowork space in N.Y.C.

What these ideas, concepts, spaces and IMC confirm is that connecting with individuals and empowerment requires a shift in our approach. The leading businesses of tomorrow have long gone past business as usual and are using their limited resources to connect, engage, and build winning projects.

Integrated marketing communications and coworking have a lot in common.


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