Challenging Yourself


Sure, sometimes it’s tempting to choose an easy class for a semester, cut back on after-work commitments, or even, take it easy on the weekends. We’ve all been in a situation where we know we could have challenged ourselves more, whether it be at work, school or home. This summer, I learned that challenging myself is a great way to increase confidence while improving skills during my time on the tennis court.

This past winter, playing in two tennis leagues for the summer of 2012 seemed like a great idea! Fast forward to the middle of June when I was driving to out of town matches  straight from work and arriving home at 11:30 p.m. sweaty and exhausted twice a week. I kept myself motivated thinking how much fun the sport is and how much better I would be by participating in two leagues, especially after tough losses. After all, one of the leagues was for more advanced players and I was playing the highest ranked position, #1 singles.

In the advanced league, I only won two matches, but truly, I couldn’t be prouder. Winning the last match, against an opponent I lost to earlier in the season confirmed my belief that by playing people better than me, my skills would improve.

I’ve learned that graduate school, especially the IMC Program, holds these same principles. Before starting my first class in May 2010, I didn’t have the skills or knowledge I have now.  I hadn’t written an APA paper in quite sometime and online school was new to me. What pushed me were professors, my desire to do well on papers and the resources we’re given on a weekly basis. I also believe that in any commitment, having the motivation of peers can make the situation better!

Now, don’t get me wrong, my summer hasn’t been all about tennis. In fact, I’ve been spending some time doing awesome things in addition to working full-time. This past weekend, my favorite author, Meg Cabot visited Ohio courtesy of the Cuyahoga County Public Library.

Me and Meg Cabot

I also joined a new committee through my local young professionals organization, ystark!.

The marketing committee after a meeting last month

Tell me what challenges you to become better at work, school or other endeavors?

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