All About Me and My Life in IMC


Hi Everyone,

My name is Rukiya Campbell and the best way to describe what I do on a daily basis is…I juggle. I’m a lefty, a proud leo, the wife of a firefighter and mother to two sport loving young men ages 6 and 11.

Campbell Family

Our wedding day in the Dominican Republic.

I consider myself to be from Indianapolis, Indiana because that’s where I spent most of my life growing up. I was an Army brat, born in North Carolina, but lived in Virginia, Germany and Indiana. Indianapolis, Naptown as we affectionately call it, was a wonderful place to grow up and raise a family. Believe it or not, there is more than corn in Indiana.

Indianapolis, Indiana (Naptown)

I stayed in Indiana to attend college at Indiana State University. While there, I worked for the student newspaper and the athletic department while majoring in Radio/TV/Film. I initially had ambitions to be a TV news anchor, but once I entered my sophomore year, I switched gears to major in Public Relations. I decided I wanted to have more flexibility in being able to decide which industry I could practice communications. I am fortunate that I discovered at an early age, that communications is indeed my passion.

My first job out of college was as a championships assistant at the NCAA headquarters in Indianapolis. I also have a passion for sports so it was a perfect fit. I handled communications with membership (colleges and universities). Soon after, I had the opportunity to pursue a position at Butler University in the athletic department. I was the athletic event manager for the Hinkle Fieldhouse facility. That position helped me gain experience on the event planning side and I caught a glimpse of how demanding the sports industry could be.

I actually worked at this amazing facility and saw it jam packed for every game. Fun Fact: The final basketball game in the movie”Hoosiers” was filmed there.

After two years, I pursued an opportunity at the RCA Tennis Championships as the marketing coordinator. I told you…I love sports. Then, everything came full circle and I acquired a position in the promotions department at a CBS TV affiliate, WISH-TV 8 in Indianapolis. Are you keeping up? Yes…I was changing jobs every two years. I blame it on my Army brat upbringing that I needed a major life change every so often. Just stay with me, I promise it gets better. So after my stint in TV, I switched gears and went into hospitality. I was the PR and marketing manager for Hilton Worldwide. After two years working at the Conrad hotel in Indianapolis, I moved to Atlanta in 2007 to work for the downtown Hilton in the same role.

Hello “Hotlanta”!

After six years with Hilton, I decided that I wanted to pursue an opportunity that would be more personally fulfilling. That decision was one of the best I’d ever made and it led me to my current role as the director of marketing for the Center for the Visually Impaired (CVI).

For 50 years, the Center for the Visually Impaired has empowered people with vision loss to live with independence and dignity.

CVI is an organization is that is essentially a “one-stop shop” for anyone who is blind or has low vision. We have programs for babies and their parents, elementary, middle and high school kids, as well as adults and seniors who are blind or losing their vision. We teach them mobility and daily life skills to help them adapt to their new way of life. We also have a store that sells products to aid in low vision and blindness and a call center enterprise that employs visually impaired people and financially supports CVI. This position is one of the most personally satisfying roles I’ve ever had and with only two months on the job, I look forward to applying what I’m learning in IMC to my daily job responsibilities. I’m only on my third class and I already have.

Deciding to pursue my masters was a personal goal and (I think) yet another aspect of the Army brat tendency…I’m always in anticipation of what’s next. In 2011, I attained by accreditation in public relations (APR). That process was both challenging and rewarding. I might make a future post about that just in case you’re interested in learning what it was like. I love to learn and after getting my APR, the masters degree in IMC was a natural next step – not to mention the WVU IMC program is recommended by the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA).

Established in 1964, the Accreditation Program is the public relation’s profession’s only national post-graduate certification program.

In the coming months, there will be plenty more about me, my controlled chaotic life at work and home, and my IMC adventures. With all that being said, thanks in advance for joining me on this journey.


3 Responses to “All About Me and My Life in IMC”

  1. Stephanie Murphy Says:

    Hi, Rukiya! I am also a mother of three athletic children, a coach, and an enthusiastic PR major, graduating in December. I love your story and I’m encouraged about chasing my passion in the sports or non-profit industries. Your career(s) is what I am hoping for, and I am pretty sure that I want to follow up with the IMC program!
    I look forward to hearing about how you, your family, and your job are affected by IMC. Please include the good and the bad!

    Stephanie Murphy (WV)

    • rukiyacampbell Says:

      Hi Stephanie!
      Thanks for the well wishes. Same to you on your upcoming graduation. Majoring in PR was invaluable for my career path and so far the IMC program is providing the same value. The major bonus is that the principles we’re learning is relevant and timely for what’s going on today. If you decide to pursue it, you won’t be disappointed.



  2. Tamara Hooks Says:

    I loved your post. Very interesting and compelling. Thanks for sharing. i actually shared your post on my Facebook page. Thanks again.

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