Integrate 2012: New friends and new knowledge


Wow! The Integrate conference was so much fun. Words just can’t do the experience justice, so I’ll have to rely on pictures instead.

After attending two awesome sessions, we networked on Friday night, allowing all of us at the conference to meet face-to-face.

Our Saturday started in Ming Hsieh Hall, where we rotated from classroom to classroom depending on what topics we were most interested in hearing about.

We caught awesome views of the campus during our breaks.

A very busy weekend concluded at Touchdown Terrace, which was the venue for the Keynote Dinner. Fred Cook, the CEO of GolinHarris, was an informative speaker and told us all about the ways he challenged his staff to be better professionals.

The end of the night featured some well-deserved awards, including the Alexia Vanides IMC Teaching Award. I was thrilled to see Matthew Cummings and Karen Freberg recognized. Although I haven’t had the chance to have these two amazing individuals as professors, I met both of them at the 2011 Integrate Conference and saw first hand what dedicated instructors they are!

Finally, Laura Phillips Garner was the winner of “Most Likely to Crash Our Blog,” during the conference’s annual Social Media Challenge. Laura commented the most on the blog posts that were developed throughout the weekend. Way to go, Laura!

Having the opportunity to visit WVU is amazing. Taking online courses, I know that I’m a part of WVU, but being there is just a completely different (and great!) experience. Just like last year, I met so many people who I now consider friends.

The conference also made me even prouder to be a part of the IMC Community.

My next trip to Morgantown will be for graduation in May 2013…and I can’t wait!


2 Responses to “Integrate 2012: New friends and new knowledge”

  1. Valerie Lee Ater Says:

    Loved that I too was able to be on campus and meet fellow classmates, future classmates, former classmates and professors. I look forward to the Fall classes and our discussions in Political Marketing this fall. This was my first conference and I am so looking forward to INTEGRATE 2013!!! My husband and I were again in Morgantown last weekend and I found my way through the campus by car ( followed the route from the hotel to the Waterfront Place Hotel). Nothing like being on campus to really make one feel that they are truly a part of the WVU family and Mountaineer nation….

  2. Jeff Nichols Says:

    You are right on with this blog! I have not been to WVU since attending a Mountaineer game in 1984 and coming back home was awesome! WVU knows how to welcome guests and as always WV has the friendliest people on earth. To top it off, I left smarter than I was when I got there. Thank you all!

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