A Good Night and a Goodbye


Hello from Washington, DC, where I’m spending a few days with family after participating in last weekend’s Integrate Conference. The conference wrapped up in fine fashion, by the way, with the keynote dinner at Milan Puskar Stadium on Saturday evening. The setting, networking, and food were excellent, as always, but the big news is how the conference staff stepped up the educational content this year by securing a keynote presentation from Fred Cook, CEO, GolinHarris.

If you’re wondering what the head of a top ten agency was doing at a banquet in Morgantown, WV on a Saturday night, well, so was I. It quickly became clear, however, that he is an ideal messenger for IMC, having just led his firm through a complete overhaul to prevolve in the face of media, messages, and channel convergence. See for yourself:

It says a lot about Mr. Cook that he travelled to speak to our group and a lot about the IMC program that they asked him to do so.

After the keynote, it was time to say goodbye to everyone and call it a day on another successful conference. And now, it’s time for me to say goodbye and hand the reigns over to other IMC bloggers, both new and continuing, so they can give their perspectives on what it’s like to participate in this valuable, innovative program and community known as IMC at WVU.

I entered the Masters program in early 2010 with an eye towards transitioning to a career that was more focused on marketing and communication. Now, having graduated in December and accepted a position in the field just ten days ago, I feel like the pieces are falling into place. It’s too early to declare success (I probably never will), but I do know I’m more confident, knowledgeable, and connected now than I was three years ago. I have my professors, fellow students, and the IMC staff to thank for that. And, I’m glad I was able to thank so many of them in person during the past few days.

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One Response to “A Good Night and a Goodbye”

  1. Lisa Oriss Sands Says:

    Barry, it was so nice to see you at the conference last year as a stduent and this year as a graduate. I was impressed that the program brought someone from Seattle, only to learn IMC’ers are EVERYWHERE! Best of luck to you in your new job and all your endeavors.

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