“Extraordinary is the new ordinary”


Instead of having to choose a first session to attend this morning, everyone here started Day 2 with Dave Pavelko, Head of Google Travel while he discussed the importance of the web. Dave reminded us how far the web has progressed over the past few years and how much we rely on it.

He told us that “extraordinary is the new ordinary,” meaning that awhile back, having WiFi on a commercial flight was thrilling, but now, we expect it. We all also expect a fast Internet connection, when before, we felt lucky to have it at all!

Here are some other fun facts I learned throughout the hour:
*4 out of 5 adults are web users
*78% of US Internet users go online to search for information about products and services
*60 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute
*Bounce rates are extremely important when monitoring websites

Don’t forget about the Social Media Challenge here at Integrate! Leave comments on the blog, tweet, share what you’re doing on Facebook and check-in on FourSquare for a chance to win one of the awesome prizes shown below. More details can be found in your session booklet!


One Response to ““Extraordinary is the new ordinary””

  1. Laura Phillips Garner Says:

    He also talked about predicting communications trends and being able to gear up to meet the new reality fast. One item that is starting to take off is producing original content for YouTube, which Google owns. This original content is a way to engage audiences while providing value for our brands.

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