And We’re Off


Integrate 2012 kicked off today on the campus of West Virginia University here in Morgantown, WV. This is my third year attending Integrate (formerly IMC Weekend) and I always look forward to connecting with potential students, fellow students, graduates, faculty and the IMC staff. It’s one of the few opportunities where IMC students get to meet their classmates and professors face-to-face. In addition to the relationship building opportunities, the educational opportunities are always outstanding.

During this afternoons sessions I participated in the Event Planning and Return on Influence workshops. I enjoyed the session on Event Planning with Laura McDonald and Erin Turner. Let me tell you, these ladies know their stuff. I used to think I had a pretty good idea what it took to plan an event before today. I was wrong. I took away  lot of good information and insights. The sample RFP will be an excellent tool for my future event planning needs.

The second session I attended, Return On Influence: The New Realities of Power and Marketing on the Internet, was presented by author and WVU alum Mark Schaefer. Mark discussed the power of influence on the internet and how companies are using services like Klout and Kred to monitor that influence. Mark pointed out that, in order to be more influential, one must find a relevant audience and consistently engage with that audience by providing meaningful content. I’m looking forward to picking up a copy of his book, Return on Influence to revisit much of the ideas he discussed today. My fingers just couldn’t type fast enough to keep up.

The day ended with a Welcome Reception that provided plenty of opportunity to visit with old friends and make a few new ones. I’m looking forward to tomorrows activities.

If you are attending this years Integrate conference what have been your favorite parts thus far?

3 Responses to “And We’re Off”

  1. Jerome Brown Says:

    Favorite tidbits from yesterday: seeing everyone race down the steps to get a signed copy of “Return On Influence” after Mark Schaefer’s presentation.  Chatting with current students in the IMC program and WVU representatives.  Hanging out after the evening reception classes insight into classes and expectations. Thanks!

  2. Laura Phillips Garner Says:

    The reception is always a fantastic way to meet fellow students and our professors, a fabulous opportunity since the program is online. I got the book at the Schaefer presentation and look forward to reading it. Thanks WVU IMC!

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