A Focus on Creativity


After enjoying this morning’s general session hosted by Dave Pavelko the head of Google Travel my morning here at Integrate 2012 has consisted of workshops focusing on getting my creative juices flowing. As I told Dr. Larry in my Creative Strategies course a few years ago, “I know it’s in there I just need to figure out how to pull it out”.

The first workshop was hosted by Ray Gillette and Dennis O’Connell. Each of these gentleman teach the IMC Capstone course and their workshop gave examples and ideas on how to find the strategic insight for any campaign not just IMC 636. My biggest take away for this session was that a strategic insight isn’t a tag line although a tag line can develop from a strategic insight. There were a lot of good ideas shared by both the presenters and the attendees for those currently in or looking toward IMC 636.

Workshop two was hosted by Dr. Larry Stultz who shared some creative ways to open our minds and think creatively. He demonstrated how, using objects found in nature, we can open our minds to let creative ideas flow as we develop marketing ideas and strategies. I was impressed by the attendees who shared the creative ideas that  came to mind after viewing the leaves, tree bark and stones that Dr. Larry brought to share.

What have been your big take away thoughts/ideas from Integrate 2012 thus far?

4 Responses to “A Focus on Creativity”

  1. Laura Phillips Garner Says:

    I loved how Dr. Larry challenged us to look at nature as inspiration for creativity. I’ll never look at taking a walk in nature the same way again. There are ideas everywhere!

  2. Laura Phillips Garner Says:

    I appreciated how Ray Gillette and Dennis O’Connell helped us analyze campaigns to come up with the strategic statements. The Re a sentence that describes the big idea and sets the tone for the whole campaign. They are based on insight into human nature to persuade the target audience rationally and emotionally.

  3. Lisa Oriss Sands Says:

    I am enjoying the Return on Influence book very much and remembering the power I hold as a communicator, especially when I choose to engage using social media. I am trying to remember CONTENT IS KING in everything I do online and good golly I am going to work on that Klout score!

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