Celebrate…no matter where you are!


I’m one week into my summer break from classes and I’m having a blast!

I remember saying last year that once summer began, I didn’t realize how much time I spent on schoolwork! That same thought has been in my head each night for the past week! Schoolwork and the IMC Program has simply become part of my life, so when I spent two weeknights playing tennis instead of writing discussion board posts, it felt quite odd! One downfall of summer break? I can’t use the excuse “I have schoolwork to do” when I don’t want to do something! Ha!

Someone recently reminded me about the importance of celebrating your accomplishments no matter how small, and for all of us, we’re achieving great things by being a part of the IMC Program. Taking a short break is just one way to celebrate where we’re all headed and what we’ve achieved so far!

Stopping in the moment to appreciate what you have or where you’re about to go is something I don’t do enough.

No matter if you’re a prospective student, someone in the middle of their studies (like me!), or an IMC graduate – we’ve all taken a major step to better ourselves, and that is certainly worth celebrating!

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One Response to “Celebrate…no matter where you are!”

  1. Will Clarke Says:

    Great idea Nicole, have a great summer and enjoy your time off.

    Take care!

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