Making Friends in IMC


I had the opportunity to see an IMC alum and former blogger a few weeks back at a young professionals meeting and one of the first questions I asked her was “do you still keep in touch with a lot of your friends from the program?” She said a few people here and there, but not many. I hope that once I graduate when asked that question, I can answer with “Of course!”

My Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter list is filled with IMC contacts, including many I met at the IMC Integrate Conference last June.

I catch myself often at work or at an event saying things like “I know someone from IMC who just started a job with that company” or “You know, on the discussion board, someone gave an example just like that.”

One story that sticks with me is one that came in Week 1 of my current class. One of my fellow classmates (who lives in California) posted that her daughter brought home a Camp Invention flyer from school that day and remembered that’s where I worked (in Ohio). I love this story because it shows how connected we all really are.

I’m hoping to meet even more friendly faces this year at Integrate from June 1-2! Post a comment below if you’re planning to attend!

6 Responses to “Making Friends in IMC”

  1. fixitmommy Says:

    YAY! That’s me! 🙂 Another reminder of how small the world really is. I do the same things, when I read about companies or campaigns, I am often reminded of discussions and people in class.

  2. nicolehagy Says:

    Just this afternoon, my supervisor shared a social media article with me. A name jumped out at me because our own Tina McCorkindale was quoted!

  3. Valerie Lee Ater Says:

    I am looking forward to INTEGRATE 2012 a great deal. I have anticipated attended this event for the past two years but other commitments forbade me from fulfilling my desire to meet fellow IMC students, faculty, graduates and future students.

    This year is different, I made it a priority to keep my schedule open for INTEGRATE 2012 and will be attending- already booked my place and made my hotel reservations. I am grateful for the chance to meet fellow classmates that I only know through class discussion postings and perhaps other social media. More importantly to meet the outstanding faculty that I am fortunate to interact with in pursuance of my degree.

    I have followed your postings and look forward to meeting you in person and learning from your experiences as well.

  4. Carrie Wood Says:

    Hey Valerie,
    We were in 610 and 613 together. I’d love to meet up at the conference. I went last year when I was only a couple weeks into the program and it was worth every minute. It was nice to meet the faculty as you mentioned, but now I can look forward to meeting ol’ classmates. It’s always nice to put faces with names. It was challenging to pick and choose which sessions to go to, because they offered many that sounded interesting. Hope to see you there.

    • Valerie Lee Ater Says:

      Carrie which sessions are you interested in attending at INTEGRATE? Do we have to pre-select/register for the sessions? I need to check the site once again, as I recall there were several I would like to attend.

      Looking forward to meeting you in person… I’ll be staying at the Hilton Garden, driving up the morning of June 1st and leaving the morning of the 3rd. See you there, and hopefully others that I have met through my classes as well

  5. nicolehagy Says:

    Hi Valerie! You don’t have to pre-select which sessions you’d like to attend but it is smart to have an idea of where you’d like to go! Last year, I thought I had it all mapped out, then I changed my mind!

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