It’s Great to Have Options!


I can see this tree from my window while I'm working on schoolwork. The newly added buds make me smile!

Spring has sprung here in North Canton, Ohio, and when the weather gets nice, I seem to have a lot more energy!

A few weeks back, while wrapping up my Week 9 final project for Direct Marketing, I completed a lot of tasks at work, helped coordinate a networking event for my local young professionals group, ystark!, attended a jewelry party, and played some tennis. During the winter, all these activities (even the fun ones!) might have been struggle.

During this past week, I debated on what courses to take for Fall 2012. It was a hard decision, but I decided on Social Media and Marketing and Political Marketing. With just three courses left before Campaigns, I’m feeling the urge to make wise choices with my schedule.

Just like last year, I am taking the summer off from the virtual classroom and spending time volunteering, working, and playing.

Taking the summer off means enjoying the outdoors. I can't wait to see these flowers bloom!

Isn’t it great to have options both inside the classroom and out? With the IMC Program, I can choose which electives best fit my interests and choose a schedule that works for me. What could be better? What are some of the electives that you look forward to taking?

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3 Responses to “It’s Great to Have Options!”

  1. Valerie Lee Ater Says:

    Hi Nicole-

    I am taking Political Marketing in Early Fall. A good friend of mine is running for State Delegate and I am hoping to tie this in with the course. With the national election this year it should be a great time to take this course.

    I am also taking Creative Strategy & Execution. In Late Fall I am taking Emerging Media and Direct Marketing my final core courses before Campaigns.

    I am taking Cause Marketing this summer and hope to take Healthcare Communications and one other elective in Early Spring 2013. I am currently taking Sports Marketing.

    The freedom to “self-pace” one’s curriculum is such a benefit of this degree program.

  2. nicolehagy Says:

    I decided to take Political Marketing because the one course I regret not taking in undergrad was a political marketing course!

    You’ll love Emerging Media – it’s my favorite so far!

  3. Susan Miskelly Says:

    I take my final elective in the summer–Entrepreneurship in IMC. I also took Social Media Marketing, Visual Information Design, and just finished Mobile Marketing. People I’ve spoken to have been really impressed by the fact that our courses are so up-to-date with the emphasis on digital initiatives. Plus, I love being able to study the things I’m most interested in.

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