Almost There!


The Late Spring term is about to begin, and that has me thinking about where I’ll be next year at this time: preparing for IMC 636, my final course in the IMC Master’s program. That’s right – a little over one year until I have a WVU diploma to hang up next to my Bachelor’s Degree from Walsh University.

Truly, the time has flown by, but when I think about where I was in 2010, when I started the program, it seems like such a long time ago. After all, I was juggling two part-time marketing jobs, living at home, and dreaming of a day where I’d be working one full-time job.

I’ve come a long way since then, and that’s directly related to the IMC Program. The fact that I am working toward a Master’s Degree no doubt helped me find my current full-time endeavor. The added confidence, new friends, and unbeatable connections have changed my life as well.

Of course, in one year, as I’m working toward finishing my final class, I’ll be looking back to 2012 thinking how much I’ve learned in the past year.

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