Direct Marketing…it’s everywhere!


I’m in Week 7 of Direct Marketing and for the past seven weeks, I have paid more attention to my “junk” mail than I ever thought possible. Pieces that I would have typically thrown away, I’m reading word for word, and I’m thankful for it (I’m sure the senders are, too!).

At work, I had a hand in a big direct mail piece we sent promoting Camp Invention, so the class truly coincided with a project for work which increased my appreciation for the IMC Program.

I’m also a big fan of Celebrity Apprentice, which premiered this past weekend. If you’ve seen the show before, you know that the premise features celebrities participating in fundraising and/or direct selling tasks. This weekend’s episode was quite interesting and filled with business strategies and marketing. 

Before entering the Direct Marketing virtual classroom, I didn’t think I knew much about the subject. Turns out, everywhere I look, whether it be my mailbox, my to-do list at work, or one of my favorite reality shows, direct marketing is everywhere!

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One Response to “Direct Marketing…it’s everywhere!”

  1. Pitt-Bradford Says:


    Hi. I find that I’m doing the same. Before, I would toss all of those direct-mail pieces in the trash without nary a glance. Now I’m looking at them much more closely, reading and critically evaluating the offer, looking to see if there is personalization, determining whether the offer includes those words that we now know tend to get more response.

    The beauty of this class, and the entire IMC program, is that it has prompted me to look at things in a whole new way.

    Pat Cercone

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