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I’ve worked for West Virginia University Printing Services for almost ten years and last year was the first time I’ve ever participated in an employee evaluation. Based on my co-workers reactions you’d have thought they were conducting inquisitions.

I was in the minority as I was actually looking forward to an evaluation after nine years on the job. I wanted to know how I was doing. I actually wanted to receive feedback on what I was doing right and what I needed to improve upon. I know the biggest difference between myself and some of my co-workers is that I want to improve while they’re just happy to be “left alone” to “do their jobs”. I appreciate constructive criticism, especially as it relates to my IMC coursework.

One of the most frustrating things I experienced during my undergrad years was to receive grades on classwork without any explanation of what I did well and what I needed to work on. I’m currently taking IMC 616 Direct Marketing and the feedback in this course, as well as my previous five classes, has been invaluable for understanding, evaluating and improving my work. So I wonder, if I find feedback useful for improving my work wouldn’t my professors appreciate some feedback in order to improve theirs?

At the end of each course every IMC student is provided with the means to provide feedback regarding the course they are currently taking. These evaluations give the IMC staff and professors the information they need to adapt, modify and improve the educational experience for future students. Sadly, many students do not take the time to complete these evaluations.

Do yourself, your professor and future IMC students a favor by completing the course evaluations at the end of this nine weeks as well as your future classes. Your honest evaluation will be greatly appreciated.

If you are a current or former IMC student do/did you complete the course evaluations for your IMC classes? If not, why?

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8 Responses to “Feedback and Evaluation”

  1. hannahornowski Says:

    As a current IMC student, I’ve always completed the course evaluations. It is so very important to share your experiences in the program so the staff can make adjustments as necessary. I’ve only had one bad experience in the entire program and I feel it is crucial to share your positive and negative experiences! Thanks so much for discussing this topic and I hope this encourages others to complete their evaluations!

  2. Susan Miskelly Says:

    Yes, I always complete my course evaluations. As Hannah mentioned, this is how we can communicate our needs, wants, likes, and dislikes about our courses.

    I was surprised to learn that students aren’t completing the evaluations. They don’t take long to do, and the evaluation process just formalizes what we already feel about the class or instructor. Our program is unique, and it takes feedback from everyone to make it even better than it already is!

  3. Jose Huitron Says:

    Feedback is such an essential part of the communication process. It leads to opportunities for growth and improvement. Thanks for this timely reminder!

  4. Carrie Wood Says:

    Great post. Currently, I am an Academic Advisor for a different program and am responsible for offering and summarizing faculty and program evaluations. It’s frustrating when so few students respond, because we really do read and incorporate the student comments into our future plans. I assume that IMC is similar in that they rely on this feedback to make improvements. I wonder if we should make completion of evaluations mandatory for a student to receive their grades?

    On the flip side, as a student I quickly loose interest in completing evaluations that don’t seem specific to the program that I am enrolled in; for example, questions need to be applicable to online courses if that is what is being evaluated. I do try to provide feedback now whether it is positive or constructive.

  5. Joyce Vyriotes Says:

    Great post! I always complete the evaluation, because I know how critical feedback is to the success of the program, and I also appreciate that I am being asked for my opinion.

    To Carrie’s point, however, I would like to see an evaluation specific to the IMC program, or at the very least, online learning. In most of our classes, we are taught the importance of personalizing messages and making content relevant to your audience, yet the evaluation is designed for traditional classes.

    • kghart Says:

      You and Carrie make an excellent point. The surveys do not take the online learning environment into consideration. I wonder if that is one reasons some students don’t complete them. Maybe they feel that some of the questions are irrelevant so they dismiss the entire survey. Thanks for the comment.

  6. Cindy Stella Says:

    I work in higher education and course evals are critical! If an adjunct instructor isn’t up to par, they may need some mentoring or they may not be a good fit and should be replaced. It’s important for students to be constructive about course experiences. They really are taken seriously.

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