We can call it the “spring” semester if you’d like…


It’s ironic that we’re in the Spring semester, yet, where I live in Ohio just got pounded with 4+ inches of snow this past weekend. The snow allowed me to prepare for Week 3 a little earlier than usual and do some well-deserved relaxing. I’m currently in my last core class, Direct Marketing, and have experienced some of the best discussion board posts I’ve seen since starting the program in May 2010! It is fun to be in a class where a large majority of the names are ones I’ve seen at least once before in a previous course.

The fact that we’re in the Spring semester also has me looking forward to actual spring season which will (hopefully) be here before we know it.

Behind all that snow are my favorite outdoor tennis courts. In just a few months, the snow will be gone and I'll be able to enjoy them once again!

When the weather is bad, are you encouraged or discouraged to get a jump ahead on your schoolwork?

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