Cutting Edge of Communications


The edge of innovation.

First, a little about me. Now this is not something that comes easy. As a new media connoisseur, talking about myself lies within the realm of shameless promotion but here goes nothing. I believe it’s a hidden rule somewhere to avoid using “I” when engaging in the development of audience centered content. But please humor me while I break all the rules or at least a few.

I recently was invited to become a WVU IMC Blog Ambassador which I am truly excited about. It’s an opportunity for me to practice my content writing skills and share my experience in what is a cutting edge program at West Virginia. (By the way…wasn’t that an awesome bowl game blowout!)

I recently graduated from the University of Phoenix with a Bachelor’s in Communication and am working on starting my own strategic brand consulting agency (HUB 81) aimed at helping clients share their story with the world through IMC. This program gives me the tools and validation to take such an entrepreneurial leap. Being able to attend a school on the East Coast while residing in California is cutting edge in itself but let’s talk about the real reason I’ve reached this point in my professional and educational endeavors.

Consumer touch points are fragmented. Individuals and organizations are tasked with the unique challenge of communicating with people in a variety of settings from mobile phones and printed materials to broadcast radio and digital websites. Everyone has a story to tell. The difficult aspect of communications is choosing the correct channel through which to share your story. The medium might be the message but these days it can be difficult to decide on the best form of audience interaction.

This is exactly why my participation in the WVU IMC program has been so rewarding, insightful, and engaging. With five classes under my belt, filling the shoes of a communications specialist in today’s new media arena doesn’t seem so farfetched. It feels good knowing that course-by-course (or even DQ by DQ) we are building a strong marketing and communications toolkit powerful enough to handle the challenges of the field.

Consumers are constantly on the run but thanks to the knowledge of the core principles of IMC it’s not so hard to keep up.

Many of today’s businesses are playing catch up as they strive to become acclimated with the new school of marketing and communications. Fortunately for IMC students, we are several steps ahead!

Doesn’t it feel great to be at the forefront and cutting edge of communications?

Yes, indeed.

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One Response to “Cutting Edge of Communications”

  1. Barry Says:

    Welcome aboard Jose. I remember trading Tweets with you in 2010 when you were either considering the IMC program or just about to begin. Hard to believe that you’ve got a year under your belt and I’ve wrapped up the program.

    Maybe we’ll be able to collaborate on a future posts as West Coast correspondents for the IMC at WVU program.

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