Best and worst B2B holiday emails


B2B holiday emailsFloods of end of year emails are pouring into the inboxes. For the consumer market they are generally filled with deals, promotions, free shipping, discount etc. Things are different on the B2B side as people are wrapping up the end of year details as they head out for the holiday break. As I have watched all the emails coming through to me, I noticed a few clever ones that caught my attention so I thought I would share the list of best and worst B2B holiday greetings. Can you add to the list?

Best at standing out:

  • Holiday traditions you love to loathe
  • What Santa knows about marketing and you should too
  • Ooops! The elves have been at it again (“the elves have been tinkering with our mailing system and accidentally sent you a test message. We apologize for their bad behavior and take theopportunity to wish you Happy Holidays”)
  • A story I wanted to share (followed by acompelling personal story that showed the personal side)
  • Penguins are cool – Happy Holidays (compared solution to penguins)

Worst – blending in with the masses

  • Happy holidays from [insert numerous company names here]
  • Holiday wishes from [insert numerous company names here]
  • Seasons greetings from [insert numerous company names here]
  • Happy holidays and hours of operation
  • Happy holidays and end of the yeat news

At a time when every company is sending out similar messages, it pays to use a little creativity if you want your message to be read. 

Hope that Santa was good to you this year! See you in 2012 for the Spring IMC term.

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