Where Have I Been?


Hello? Is this thing on?

It has been a while and I don’t have much to say except “Donate Blood!,” but I figured I should crawl out from under the rock that is IMC636 to say hello and see what’s happening in the outside world. Yes indeed, I have made it to the Campaigns class and suddenly find myself past the midterm, with four more weeks and the biggest final of my life staring down at me. I remembered that my predecessor on the IMC blog, Stacy Wise, posted around the same point in her Campaigns experience (after a similarly long absence), so I decided to re-read her post and see how her experience compared.

Turns out that we both got so excited by the prospect of not having to turn in weekly assignments that we both decided to kick back during Week 1, feeling completely assured that we’d just get caught right up in the weeks to come. It also turns out that she warned us, as in all future IMC636 students, not to do this, but clearly I had forgotten her advice in the months from April to October. So, even though you will probably forget my words too, let me go ahead and say it: Don’t Skip Week One! Bad, bad, bad. Unless you enjoy the prospect of not sleeping during weeks 2, 3, and 4.

The lure of procrastination

Like Stacy, though, I do have to say that the class so far is as enjoyable as it is challenging and a fitting close to the IMC program. It really does tie all of your work from earlier classes together and I’ve been surprised at how many times I have referred back to my papers, notes, and research from the past two years.

If you’re a current IMC student, be sure to leave a comment about how your current classes are going or your own thoughts/questions about the campaigns class. Happy Holidays to you all, by the way, because I’m pretty sure you won’t be hearing from me again until December 27 🙂

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