French Market(ing)


I’ve mentioned before that I’m a homeowner and one of my favorite things is to decorate my house. My mom describes the décor in my house as rustic furniture with a touch of glitter. Luckily, there’s a store in Massillon, Ohio (the next town over from me) called French Market that fits me perfectly. What’s special about French Market is that the owner doesn’t have regular store hours – she prefers to open for themed events once every other month. Typically, each event lasts about three days and her store is packed to the max with finds.

Being open solely for events is a unique concept, but while in (a very long!) line to check-out at her event this past week, I realized it’s quite a successful one. Michelle, the owner, mails out invitations for each event and doesn’t have website or social media presence. For an event a few months back, I took the morning off work to attend. That’s right – I took the morning off work to shop! And who says direct mail isn’t effective?

What makes French Market even more special is the buzz around each event. I would never take off work to visit a store that’s open regular hours, but I knew being one of the first through the door, similar to a Kleinfeld’s Blowout Sale, is the key to finding the best goodies.

I'm a fan of any store with an Eiffel Tower hanging from the ceiling

From a marketing perspective, the owner has customers always looking forward to the next event and sharing event information with their friends along the way. Her items are unique and very affordable, but if the store was open regular hours, that buzz might not be present. Are there businesses near you that operate the same way? If so, do you agree with the concept?

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One Response to “French Market(ing)”

  1. Cindy Stella Says:

    That kind of shopping would stress me out! HA! I shop at Home Goods a lot and its nice to know that when I’m in the mood or have a design inspiration I can go work on it as needed. But this is a unique idea!

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