Week 9!


Can you believe it’s Week 9 already? I feel like I just posted about getting back into the swing of things after a summer off. Honestly, I will be sad to see the end of Creative Strategy and Execution. It’s an interesting course which covers lots of current topics.

Next week will be an exciting one for me as I’ll be starting Brand Equity Management as well as taking a short trip to New York City. I have tickets to see Regis & Kelly and a trip to NYC always gets my marketing juices flowing.

Have the past 9 weeks flown by for you, too? Post what class(es) you’ll be taking in Late Fall and perhaps you’ll find a friend in your upcoming course.

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9 Responses to “Week 9!”

  1. Jeremiah Johnson Says:

    Time has certainly past at a rapid rate. I will also be taking Brand Equity Management as well as Emerging Media & the Market.

  2. nicolehagy Says:

    I’m taking Brand Equity next – maybe we’ll be in the same section.

    And you’ll love Emerging Media…it’s my favorite course so far.

  3. Pitt-Bradford Says:

    I agree with your about Creative Strategy and Execution. It’s been a great class. And yes, these nine weeks have flown.

    Who do you have for Brand Equity Management? I had Dr. Girardi and thought she was great.

    I have Crisis Communication and Reputation Management next term. Anyone else?

  4. Joyce Says:

    Audience Insight for me! Best wishes wrapping up your current class and starting fresh. These nine-week sessions do make the year fly by!

  5. nicolehagy Says:

    You’ll like Audience Insight. I took it with Lisa Fall – loved her!

  6. AClausen Says:

    Taking Healthcare marketing. Was signed up for Audience Insight but had to switch it out for early spring since I am down to my last two classes before campaigns.

  7. Traci Anderson Says:

    I’m just finishing up Brand Equity Management and it’s been a good class. I’ve got Emerging Media and Direct Marketing next. These terms go by so fast!

  8. Susan Miskelly Says:

    I think this term has gone by faster than any other! I remember being in high school and thinking that nine-week terms took forever to end. Not so anymore!

    I’ll be taking Visual Information Design. It’s one of the classes I’ve been looking forward to since I entered the program.

    Have a great trip to NYC!

  9. Lisa Sands Says:

    Audience Insight for me…and I think I am going to do Direct Marketing in January…and then I get to start some electives!

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