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As I reach the last few months of my time with the West Virginia University IMC program, I tend to reflect on the aspects of the program that have been valuable to me and how I can benefit in the future from them. One of the most important aspects of the program and which drew me to it in the first place was how the program gets students together to connect and be involved on a regular basis. Whether it be class discussions, conferences, or the guest speaker series, the IMC program has always tried to engage students in topics surrounding the curriculum and related issues.

Michael Fleischner

This past week, I had the great opportunity of attending the Online Speakers Series presented by the WVU IMC program, which featured the expertise of Michael Fleischner, the President of and the SVP of Marketing and Achieve3000. In addition to talking about the benefits of search engine optimization, Michael allotted time for the students to ask any questions that they have had regarding SEO. In the IMC field, Michael emphasized how important that this concept is becoming and how much it has been growing over the recent years. If you weren’t fortunate enough to be able to attend Michael’s excellent presentation, you can watch the presentation here:

Make sure you also check out Michael Fleischner’s Blog on all the latest trends and information in marketing.

It is wonderful how students from all over the world can connect with an IMC professional and gain knowledge from the comfort of their own home. While attending speakers in person is always important, the busy lives that we live today sometime do not always allow time for these types of events. With this series, it is possible to sit at your desk at home and gain the knowledge without having to leave your family for the evening. As a huge sports fan, I am really excited for the next speaker, Brad Wurthman, who is the Assistant Athletics Director of Marketing Development
at the University of Cincinnati. My ultimate goal in this field is to work in some type of sports setting and I am really looking forward to what he has to say about his career.

Patti Stanger

One of the topics that I have been working with this week in my Applied Public Relations course is the one of crisis communication. It is something that I hear about every day in the news – how some celebrity slipped up and said something wrong or a brand is accused of not being politically correct. For example, I was reading about how the Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger was taking a lot of heat for her comments regarding Jewish people, gay men, and women being intelligent. The one comment that really struck me was that she believed intelligent women should dumb it down in order to get a man. Really? Is she serious?

I would think that as a woman herself she would know better than to think this way and to encourage women to belittle themselves to men. What many fail to understand is that not only is Patti representing herself but also she is representing the Bravo name. When Bravo was asked about the comments, they did not support her and said they regret the comments that she had made. They stated that the comments do not reflect the network’s beliefs and apologized for any offense that she may have caused anyone. It seems like they had to prepare a crisis communication plan in order to have their ducks in a row before someone called to get a comment from them.

This week in my Applied Public Relations class, I had to prepare a crisis communication plan to put into place for the Baltimore Humane Society if the spokesperson had been accused of illegal drug use. One of the tools that my professor, Shelly Stump, gave us to use in this assignment was a website that outlined what a crisis communication plan should look like. If you want to check it out, it has some great advice and information on how a company can prepare one and what to make sure to include. Crisis Communication Plan Outline

Hearing these comments on the news about Patti Stanger really reminded me about this class and how important it is to have a plan in place in case of these mishaps happen to your brand or organization. Almost every day I see things in the media that relate to what I am discussing in my IMC classes and I feel like I have so much more knowledge when hearing about these stories.

To see more on the Patti Stanger mishaps, check out the story here: Patti Stanger Story

As for my home life, my new house is almost done and we are starting to pack to move to the Baltimore/Washington area. Its very exciting to think about this new chapter in my life and I know that all the the tools and knowledge that I have gained in the past two years in this program will be very beneficial to me in my career to come!

Hope to see you all at the next online speaker series!

Until next time!


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