Back to School and Football Season!


One of my first WVU football games with 3 Sigma Kappa sisters

Now that school is back, it can only mean one thing: FOOTBALL! Not only as a current WVU IMC student but an undergraduate alumni from WVU as well, my favorite social activity as a mountaineer is the football games. There is nothing like walking in Morgantown and seeing tons of family, friends, and fans of the best school in the world.

This will be my last season living in Morgantown during football season, but I plan on coming back every year for many games! There is no way that I could move away and never come back to see my team. It is one of those experiences that you will remember for your whole life and treasure all of the times you spent with your fellow Mountaineers.

Now this early fall semester I am taking two courses: Multicultural Marketing and Applied Public Relations. Both of these classes I feel will be very beneficial in my career as an IMC professional. Multicultural Marketing will be a class I will use just in living in a metropolitan area in the country. The Baltimore Washington area is very diverse and there will be many different cultures that companies are looking to market towards.  I hope to learn a lot this semester in the course from my professor, Dr. Gyongyi Konyu-Fogel, and also from my classmates.

My other course is Applied Public Relations which will expand on what I have learned in my PR Concepts and Strategies class that I took last year. We have started writing about a non-profit organization of our choice and as a passionate animal lover, I chose to look into the Humane Society of Baltimore. I am glad that I am learning from the Advising Director of the IMC program, Professor Shelly Stump. I had the pleasure of meeting her at the 2011 Integrate Conference and it is great to finally be working with her in class.

Our new home is a work in progress

While learning from my professors and classmates, I am also going through the phase of being a first time home buyer. My husband and I just purchased a house in the Howard County, MD area and are looking to move in during the month of November. As you can see, it is still in its beginning stages and has a lot more work left to do.

But my husband and I have been traveling back and forth from Morgantown to Baltimore deciding all of the things that go with buying a new home. I am really enjoying being able to completely design our house instead of having to purchase a home that has previously been built.

It is a very exciting time and I look forward to using the concepts that I am learning throughout the semester when starting a new job in Baltimore. There are so many great topics that have been able to learn about and can’t wait to talk about them in my interviews.  My main focus now is finishing my masters degree, getting ready to move, and enjoying my family and friends in Morgantown before we leave!

Lets Gooooooooooooooo Mountaineers!!

Until next time!


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One Response to “Back to School and Football Season!”

  1. Cindy Stella Says:

    So excited to hear about your project for Adv. PR. I plan on taking that class in my 2nd year along with Cause Marketing as I too love animal non-profits! 🙂

    Welcome to home ownership… you’ll become a regular at Lowe’s or Home Depot. We’re there all the time and this is our 2nd house.

    C/O 2013

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