Rewarding Yourself in the IMC Program


I’m curious to see what my fellow IMC friends do to reward themselves. After all, most of us are working full-time, attending school, and have other commitments. We’ve all got to have a little fun!

This past week, I had plans get canceled on Tuesday night, so I spent the night at home writing my discussion board posts. Yep, my initial discussion board posts, as well as all 4 responses to my classmates. Although I had an unusual burst of energy and was totally up for the challenge, I must say, doing all my posts in one night is a rarity for me. I usually spread out my posts and do one per night, Tuesday thru Friday, because I feel more refreshed doing my writing a little at a time.

But on Tuesday night, I was so proud of myself that I texted my fellow Northeast Ohio IMC student, Lisa, who said she had completed her initial post the previous Saturday! I’m a slacker!

I was very happy to have a majority of my school work done by Tuesday night. This freed up my Wednesday and Thursday nights to have some fun.

Wednesday night I played tennis for the first time during the week in quite awhile. I usually play on Saturdays, but this week, having school work out of the way, I was able to attend an additional drill session. On Thursday night, I saw Bridesmaids (I know, I’m a few months behind on that one) at our local dollar theater.

This week taught me the importance of time management in the graduate school balance. These rewards were meaningful to myself, and neither one was expensive or anything I’d regret (like food or a trip to the mall). I must say – I think I’m going to try and knock out future posts in the same fashion I did this week. Because I really could get used to some Wednesday night tennis and dollar movies!

How do you reward yourself for juggling it all?


One Response to “Rewarding Yourself in the IMC Program”

  1. Joanne Says:

    I really enjoy reading–books, magazines, fun stuff–so while I was in the program I made that kind of reading the reward after getting through all those journal articles each week.

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