A Legacy or a Legend


When I heard the news of Steve Jobs resignation and began reading the articles, posts and tweets speculating on the future of Apple I was immediately reminded of another iconic leader whose genius and imagination has affected the lives of generations.

Most of us, at one time or another, have been impacted by the life and legacy of Walt Disney. Walt was a man who wasn’t afraid to dream big and challenge convention in order to see those dreams become a reality. Because of his leadership, the creative legacy he left behind lives on in the Walt Disney Company, which is still entertaining millions of individuals around the globe years after his passing.

Although Steve will remain as Chairman of the Board and an employee of Apple time will tell whether those left to take the reigns of  the company will carry on the creativity and innovation that Steve Jobs instilled. It will take creative and courageous individuals to turn Steve’s creativity, insight and imagination into a legacy that will move Apple forward and not reduce it to a legend.

If you think about it, we wouldn’t have had the privilege of meeting Woody, Buzz, Andy and the rest of the Toy Story gang if it weren’t for Walt Disney AND Steve Jobs.

What kind of PR & Marketing challenges do you see Apple facing as a result of Steve’s resignation?

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