Happy First Week of Classes


Classes resumed this week for those of us in the IMC Program! I took the summer off, so I was anxious to see who my classmates would be and what type of work Week 1 would require. After all, I had the entire summer to relax and prepare for IMC 615, my sixth class in the master’s degree program. And let me just say, I am a more refreshed, focused Creative Strategy & Execution student than I ever could have been without the break!

I had the back-to-school jitters this weekend thinking “will taking the summer off put me behind?” or “will completing this week’s assignment slip my mind?” All of my fears rested Monday night when I logged into the eCampus website after work and began researching information for my discussion board post – it was truly like no time had passed.

And you know what? The past two evenings, I’ve gone out with friends and had relaxing, worry-free nights. Last night, I spent an hour at a Downtown Canton coffee shop and tonight, I supported ystark! by attending a guest bartending event. I’ve been able to get back into the swing of things while still keeping my personal commitments intact, which is truly the best of both worlds.

I don’t regret taking the summer off – I actually am proud I rewarded myself with a short break. Even though I wasn’t earning credit in the IMC program this summer, I educated myself in numerous ways. Through playing in a tennis league, volunteering, and traveling, I was able to learn and experience adventures that can’t be found in a textbook. Truly, this summer I learned that being out in one’s community is important to professional growth and I’m looking forward to utilizing the skills I’ve learned this summer in the classroom.

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    […] you believe it’s Week 9 already? I feel like I just posted about getting back into the swing of things after a summer off. Honestly, I will be sad to see the end of Creative Strategy and Execution. […]

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