Can we call it the Barry Bowl?


The first Mountaineers football game of 2011 is less than four weeks away and the NFL season will be underway just days after that. But, I’m already looking forward to September 2012, because it was just recently announced that the Mountaineers will be taking on the Dukes of James Madison Univ. at FedEx Field, home of the Washington Redskins.

Now, you ask, what the heck WVU is doing playing a I-AA team in a stadium that’s 200 miles away and why are you telling me about it on the IMC blog? Well, I can’t answer the first question, but check this out: JMU is my undergrad alma mater, WVU will be my graduate alma mater by year’s end, and I grew up in the Virginia suburbs of Washington, DC! The coincidences are almost too much to believe.

Now, I understand that the decision to hold this game is pretty controversial in Morgantown, but can you understand how excited I am that it’s happening? I may not know whom I’ll be rooting for yet (hey, I’m just being honest here), but I definitely know it’ll be worth the plane ticket from Seattle in order to be there in person!

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3 Responses to “Can we call it the Barry Bowl?”

  1. Tony Taylor Says:

    I’m the same way – I graduated JMU in December 2000. I even followed your footsteps at the mighty WXJM. And I am entering my second semester in the IMC program. As far as the football game is concerned, I am so excited – and I’m a winner either way.

  2. Flavia Hulsey Says:

    Good post, Barry – from someone else who grew up as a DC suburbanite!

    This could get complicated for me. My husband is a JMU undergrad graduate. I’m a Virginia Tech undergrad graduate and a WVU master’s graduate. But since JMU HURT Virginia Tech last year…at the begining of our season…I think I will jump on the WVU bandwagon for this one and have to say sorry to the hubby!

    Enjoy the game next year Barry and Tony!

    • Barry Says:

      Hi Flavia,

      I’m learning that college football politics can be very complicated, which is a fact that I’ve always been able to avoid because of JMU’s status as a I-AA team. Things are going to get interesting now that they’re playing more big league teams. For one thing, JMU alum who never even went to a game while they were in Harrisonburg couldn’t stop talking about the Va Tech win last fall!


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