The perfect fit (and it’s adjustable)


A sunny weekend, August 2009 – I was sitting in my living room beginning to research Masters degree programs in marketing and/or business. Now, on this cloudy day in August 2011, I’m back in my living room blogging as a student ambassador for the IMC at WVU program. Two years have passed, a lot has changed, and now I’m just two classes away from earning my degree. If you’re where I was in 2009, then this post is for you.

One reason I jumped at the opportunity to be a student ambassador is that I know what it’s like to complete IMC coursework under a variety of circumstances:

  • Working full time (and traveling 40% of that time) and taking one IMC class per term
  • Taking IMC classes “full time” (two per term) while consulting part-time
  • Gaining “new dad” status while keeping up with two classes at a time

That last one is a recipe for sleep deprivation, but that’s not to say I’m the anywhere near the busiest IMC student (parents with a job and two classes per term, here’s looking at you). My point is, the IMC program looked like a good fit when I first learned about it two years ago and it’s continued to be a good fit even as my life has changed around it. If you’re considering the program, but not sure how it fits into your life, your career, your goals, etc, don’t hesitate to post a comment below. You can also contact Ainsley, Nicole, or me directly through the Student Ambassador page.

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One Response to “The perfect fit (and it’s adjustable)”

  1. Lisa Sands Says:

    Agreed Barry. This program spoke to me much the same way. Regardless of your life stage (my baby was 16 when I started!) this is a good option with practical courses you can apply immediately. My search took several turns and I have not looked back since making this decision. Good luck to you this year and thanks for blogging.

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