Making IMC Work for Me


With many changes in my life coming in the next few months, I have been figuring out how what I have learned in my IMC courses can help me in this process. These changes include moving back to the Baltimore area, buying mine and my husbands first house, going through the interview process to find a

Is this how the workforce is now?

job that will help me flourish in my career, and graduating with my IMC Master’s degree. All of these changes are very exciting and will be a time to remember in my life but it can be kind of intimidating not really knowing how your future will look. This is life though and something that everyone experiences in their life. Now that I am going back out there into the interviewing process, I need to think about how different it is as to when I first went out there after my Bachelors degree.

As my resume is getting out there to potential employers, I begin to think about how my IMC classes will help me through these interviews. Through all of the topics that I have explored in my 10 classes in the program, there is one that seems to stick out in my mind. Branding and brand equity. Essentially what I am doing in applying for jobs and interviewing is creating a brand of myself and trying to market myself to those I interact with. To market yourself is very important and something that will be important throughout my life. We had learned a little bit about the whole concept of marketing ourselves in a breakout session at the INTEGRATE conference in June from Dawn Edmiston.

The beach house we are staying in Ocean City, MD.

Now that I am preparing to build my personal brand equity and branding myself in the best ways, I am looking to those that have been in my position before. Getting advice from those individuals and talking to people in the IMC program has been a huge benefit for me. The program has really allowed me to meet so many different people and connect with them through various social networking platforms. As summer is winding down and the fall semester is starting in a few weeks, I plan on enjoying the rest of my time with family and friends because life is going to be changing real soon! For now, going to Ocean City with my husband and friends is on my mind and I can’t wait! After that, back to hitting the books, looking for houses to move into, and a job to give my all to.

Until next time!


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