Google Plus: A new trend or here to stay?


I’m always hesitant to buy into new trends. Although at the moment, you probably wouldn’t believe that since I’m rocking some serious hair flair, OPI Shatter nail polish, and just joined Google Plus, which made its debut on the web at the end of June. Soon, my funky hair flair and wild nail polish will go out of style, but is Google Plus here to stay?

If you’re new to the idea of Google Plus, it is similar to Facebook, but categories called circles help control your presence on your friends’ news streams. Putting each connection into a circle allows you to post information in a controlled fashion.

Here are some benefits to the circles:

I do a lot of social networking for my job and personally, I enjoy tweeting, Facebooking, and of course, blogging for WVU, so I thought Google Plus would be up my alley. I had a co-worker of mine invite me because I was excited to experience this new social networking trend. But as of right now, I’m not really that into it. Of course, I only have 4 connections, so that could easily be my downfall. And really, no matter who you are or how often you’re logging into this new web gem, we’re all new to Google Plus!

Google has gotten their feet wet into social networking and has created a way to build buzz, while keeping people intrigued. In fact, Mashable recently stated that Google Plus is perfect for job-searchers. And they’ve even made sure its users are exactly who they say they are, by deleting profiles with obviously phony names. Although I’m not a full fledged Google Plus fanatic (yet!), I’m excited to see where this new trend goes and hopefully, one day say that I was a part of it from the beginning.

7 Responses to “Google Plus: A new trend or here to stay?”

  1. Tom Proietti Says:

    Nicole, Thank you for the entry. Thoughtful. I am a huge facebook user and already active on Google+. I do not find Google+ at all compelling as of yet. I like the idea of circles but so far, they have not found their niche in my life. Like you, I am watching, wading and waiting.
    Tom Proietti
    Professor Media @ Monroe Community College and St. John Fisher College
    Visiting Scholar in New Media @ St. John Fisher College

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  4. Guest Says:

    The problem might be how you are using G+. It is not like Facebook in the sense that you just connect with “Friends” I have seeked out some of the top photographers or travel gurus or software developers etc and have been blown away by the activity. My FB just sits there and I get notices of friends at Starbucks or that they just stopped at Trader Joes or whatever. I really never cared that much what they were doing every second of the day. Maybe it will be better for you when more of your FB “friends” use it. But, I recommend seeking out interesting people (with whatever interests you have) and just follow them. You might be amazed 🙂

  5. nicolehagy Says:

    That’s a great suggestion! Really, social networking is all about learning from interesting people and expressing your interests. Sometimes, I get too involved in what my friends are doing and not looking at the big picture.

    I appreciate your feedback!

  6. Barry Fuchs Says:

    I joined a few weeks ago and my experience is similar to yours. Just a couple of friends posting, while most friends are on FB and other contacts/celebrities/experts are on Twitter. Not seeing the differentiators yet.

    I’m been amazed by Google’s innovations in search, maps, Gmail, etc., so I’m not ready to count them out yet. That said, I just plan to check my account every few weeks for now to see if anything’s happening. Don’t see myself using it proactively in the near future.

  7. Lisa Sands Says:

    I just joined last night. But it perplexes me. I think I need to understand the nuances of what it offers a bit better. Well-timed post, so thank you!

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