Integrate: What a weekend!


This weekend’s IMC Integrate Conference allowed me to have the most fun I’ve had in a long time. Being surrounded by smart, accomplished individuals who know where they’re going in life is so inspirational!

My friend Lisa (another IMC student living in Northeast Ohio) and I decided to drive to WVU together, which was a blast. I couldn’t have imagined not having her to pal around with on Friday and Saturday. Here are Lisa and I on our way to WVU!

After a three-or-so hour drive, we arrived in Brooks Hall, where most of the weekend’s events took place!

After an introductory session “Leveraging the Power of Social Media in IMC,” a welcoming cocktail party for attendees filled with socializing and networking, I realized what fantastic experiences the weekend had already brought. My favorite session by far was the graduate panel “ROI of Your IMC Degree.” This session was moderated by Professor Rebecca Andersen and featured a few of the program’s graduates. I was able to talk to Professor Andersen following the session and really connected with her. This was one person I’m so glad I met! I was in her PR Concepts and Strategy class during Late Spring and was happy to put a face to the friendly emails and comments!

Visiting Touchdown Terrace for the Keynote Speaker was wonderful, too. Not being from West Virginia, I was excited to see Touchdown Terrace simply because all the locals kept insisting it would be gorgeous – and it was!

Following the Keynote Speaker, awards were given out for the weekend’s Social Media Challenge, and Eric Proctor won a goodie basket for commenting the most on the WVU IMC blog throughout the weekend. Here is Eric and his wife Hannah!

I also got to see the P.I. Reed School of Journalism, which reminded me how awesome it is to be a part of the School of Journalism, yet, live out of state and pursue dreams of my own.

Come Fall, I’ll be in two classes taught by individuals I had the opportunity to meet this weekend, Dr. Larry Stultz and Professor Patricia Girardi.

Overall, this weekend helped me gain new knowledge along with new friends! The weekend’s festivities helped me remember that I’m a part of an exclusive group of professionals across the globe that are working to better ourselves through the WVU IMC Program – and truly, what could be more rewarding than that?

2 Responses to “Integrate: What a weekend!”

  1. Kim Conrad Says:

    I’m a recent graduate of the IMC program (May 2011). I had DrLarry for two terms, and can say he is awesome. You will have a great time in his classes and really learn a lot from him. He’s one of the best professors I had throughout the 13 courses. (It’s nearly impossible to pick ‘the best’.)

    I also attended the IMC weekend earlier this month and it was great to put the faces with the professors and fellow classmates. I strongly encourage everyone in the program to plan to attend next years’ IMC weekend. It’s a great way to learn more about what’s current in our field and to meet up with everyone. This year was a blast and I can’t wait for next years’ weekend.

    Best of luck as you work through the program. It’s really top of the line and the faculty and staff deserve a lot of credit for making it the best IMC program available.

    kim c

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