Integrated Networking


What a great evening!

I just came home not too long ago from the IMC weekend networking event at the Hilton Garden Inn in Morgantown. It was very cool to meet so many of the professors I learned a lot from over the past few years. Not only did I get to meet them in person tonight, but tomorrow I will get to see some of them give a lecture on their areas of expertise!

One of the great things about this networking event tonight was the friendliness of all of the people involved with the integrate weekend. Everyone just wanted to talk about their live and what they were doing along with others who were interested in the same things. Never have I felt so welcome and comfortable in a place where I had actually never met 95% of the people in the room. I tried to look from the outside and just take it all in what was going on around me.


Networking at its finest!


There were several companies that the participants could speak with about possibly working with them, professors, graduates, current students, potential students, and other faculty who have a connection with the program. When talking to some of my past professors, it seemed like I had known them for years! After introducing myself, we began talking like we had been colleagues for many years and that we had a clear connection on many levels.

I am so glad that I got to spend some time with other students that who had shared similar experiences with me and graduates that could elaborate on what they are doing with their master’s degrees post graduation. Not only is it interesting talking with these students and graduates but it felt like we were long-lost friends who have been reunited after years of being separated! I love that!

Another networking photo!

Well folks, its late and I have a day filled with learning and excitement tomorrow!

Hope to see many of you there and if you have a chance, feel free to say hello!



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3 Responses to “Integrated Networking”

  1. ericproctor Says:

    It was definitely great to meet some of the IMC professors tonight! The INTEGRATE conference has added a face-to-face component to the virtual world of learning we have all been immersed in as IMC students.

    At my organization, our senior management believes that there is no replacement for face-to-face learning. Yet, in the IMC world, so much is devoted to the digital realm that online courses seem to be the most practical. WVU’s commitment to bringing students and faculty together in a face-to-face setting shows that they strike a great blend between innovative and traditional forms of learning.


  2. ericproctor Says:

    I agree about the friendliness of the attendees at the Integrate conference. I’ll extend this to all the people I have met on the campus of WVU and in Morgantown in general. For example, on my way to register/check in for the conference, I could not find Brooks Hall. Who knew there’s a Brooks Hall and a Brook Tower? Probably everyone in Morgantown. But, I’m from North Carolina, and I was lost. I asked a student where Brooks Hall is located. He not only pointed me in the right direction but offered to walk me to the building. Everyone here has gone above and beyond!

  3. Ann Keaton Says:

    I hope to meet you in person, Ains. The reception last night was a lot of fun and am really looking forward to tonight’s gig. Hope to meet you there. Ann

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