Integrate in Full Effect


What an amazing experience so far!

I just went through a breakout session with Professor Robin Cobbey that was helping us understand more about social media as an outlet for market research. As I am a huge social media fan, I love to learn about how we can use these tools for researching purposes and how fun it can be at the same time!

One website that I really thought was interesting was the Google labs: Books Ngram Viewer where enter phrases into the Google Books Ngram Viewer, it displays a graph showing how those phrases have occurred in books. When I typed in West Virginia University and Penn State University, you can see which is found more and what the trends are in the past decades as opposed to what it is now.


I love how I am finding more tools that I can use in my research for my classes that I am in now and even for my own personal enjoyment. It is also refreshing to learn in such a casual environment where everyone is chirping in but listening to the important points that they have. In my last session I also learned different ways to use Facebook in a different way like for focus groups, to track fan size, set up a poll questions, recruit research participants, set up Facebook analytics, target market size. Here is an example of how to use Facebook:

Twitter is also a great tool for market research where you can use the search function, the advance search function, check out the latest twitter trends or the top trends for a certain year that you are looking for. While learning about social media, I was inspired to download the tweetdeck program for my Macbook which I am enjoying immensely now!

Tweetdeck program for Mac

Check out my twitter posts from Integrate 2011!




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