Holy @#$#. This is some good CRAP!


One of my few regrets about my experience in the IMC is that I did not juggle my schedule correctly to be able to take IMC635, Visual Information Design, which is instructed by Bill Pitzer (@newsgraphics). If you are new to the IMC program, then please let my experience be a lesson to you: start registering for electives now (repeat, Now!) and spread them out over your time in the program, instead of trying to take all of them at the end.

Lucky me, then, that Bill is here at Integrate 2011 with a one-hour session on Designing CRAP. For a graphic design novice for me, it’s the perfect opportunity to learn some basics that will help me to at least understand and discuss the art of graphic design, even if I’ll still have to leave execution to the pros.

If you’re like me, and wondering what makes CRAP good, Bill explains that the acronym stands for:

  • Contrast
  • Repetition
  • Alignment
  • Proximity

Bill had a great slideshow that will be available on the IMC web site soon, so I won’t bore you with a bunch of words about pictures. Instead, scroll through his Tumblr page for info on the pic below and lots of other great CRAP:

4 Responses to “Holy @#$#. This is some good CRAP!”

  1. Eric Proctor Says:

    I had Professor Pitzer for Visual Information Design, and it was such a great course. I know, I’m rubbing it in! Today’s session was a solid, concise representation of the course — so you got many of the good takeaways.

    For anyone out there who was in the session that may be considering taking the course, you should definitely go far it. Professor Pitzer goes into much more detail about what he covered in the session, including a great focus on design as visual poetry.

    Sorry, Barry!

  2. Ann Keaton Says:

    It’s funny, I knew I recognized Bill Pitzer’s name, but didn’t realize how until he said he works for The Charlotte Observer. What a great presentation.

  3. Lisa Sands Says:

    Really tough to decide which program to attend. I will come next year hoping to catch some different content. I focused on social media and PR/Crisis Communications this year…next year I am sure I will want/need to grasp mobile and also start thinking about what will help with the Capstone!

  4. A well-designed session « WVU IMC Student Blog Says:

    […] is actually much funnier when you say it aloud. I saw Bill’s presentations last year (and blogged about it) and found it very valuable for the non-graphically inclined like myself. So, I wanted to come back […]

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