Getting personal with mobile marketing


This session features Barbara Ciaramitaro (@techademia) looking at Current Trends in Mobile Marketing

Overall goal of mobile marketing is to deliver just enough of a message via mobile so that consumers will follow-up via another channel later on

I’ve heard of SMS and MMS, but what is CSC? Guess we’re about to find out. Oh, it stands for Common Short Codes, such as the five-digit code for posting to Twitter (40404), searching Google (GOOGL), OR voting on American Idol. I’m proud to say I have no idea what the American Idol shortcode is, but then again, that’s probably why Tivo is putting the evening news in my Recommendations.

Will be looking at Bluetooth and RFID. I wonder if Near Field Communication will also be mentioned.

An informal poll shows that nearly everyone in the room has a QR-code scanner on their smartphone. Probably a skewed crowd, but it shows how quickly this technology is being adopted. This leads to a good discussion about places where QR codes can be found, which got me thinking about innovative uses. Check out for some examples, including two that are edible!

Bluetooth and RFID can pull-off location-based marketing, but consumers may leave these off in order to preserve battery life. Technological barriers may be too much to overcome for widespread adoption as marketing technologies. Not much known about NFC so far…it’s been adopted in Japan but the US market remains unclear.

We’ll close this one out with a fun fact from Barbara, which is that half of all mobile users have made a purchase in the last six months. If you’d like to know more about what was covered, check out @rward on Twitter for a great feed from this session.

3 Responses to “Getting personal with mobile marketing”

  1. Rachel Ward Says:

    Thanks for the mention. It was a fantastic session. Can’t wait to utilize what she mentioned for my industry.

  2. Cindy Stella Says:

    It would be great to see animal shelters use QR codes to link to longer descriptions about their available pets! Bark codes is pretty cute. 🙂

    We plan on putting QR codes outside of some of our best college classrooms/laboratories so prospective students can watch video tours of spaces they might not be able to actually tour due to classes going on.

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