Live Blogging and Tweeting from #Integrate2011


What do you know? It’s already 1:42 on Friday, June 3, which means that the Integrate Conference has already been underway for nearly 15 minutes. I’ve got my laptop and iPhone at the ready and will be updating you throughout the event, along with Nicole and Ainsley.

I think I’ll rely on Twitter (@barryfuchs) to send quick highlights throughout the day and then follow-up here with a synopsis after each session wraps up. So, follow me here or there to keep up with the latest.

You can also watch everything as it happens by checking the live stream at: Oops. Sessions are being taped and will be posted later…

And we’re off…

3 Responses to “Live Blogging and Tweeting from #Integrate2011”

  1. sjones9200 Says:

    Barry–it was great to meet you this afternoon… It’s so great to connect with a student face-to-face! Susan K. Jones

    • ericproctor Says:

      Barry, I agree that it was great to meet you today and learn that you are one of the student bloggers! I’ll definitely be following your posts throughout the Integrate weekend and in the future. Thanks for sharing!

      • Barry Says:

        Hi Eric,

        Great to meet you too. Thanks for your comments — especially the additional insight into the goings on over at the social media session. Just 8 hours til Saturday’s sessions begin!


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