Hello Integrate!


I have arrived in Morgantown! I am in Brooks Hall at WVU learning about social media and IMC. I have already had the opportunity to learn a lot and meet many friends…all in less than an hour!

Right now the “Leveraging the Power of Social Media in IMC” session is taking place.

Poonam Kumar just finished her presentation and right now, Larry Stultz is making everyone laugh talking about iCatchall and GamesForCats.com. What a funny guy!

Still ahead is Rachael Post who I am excited to hear speak! 

Looking forward to the next 24 hours filled with networking, socializing and of course, some marketing education!

4 Responses to “Hello Integrate!”

  1. ericproctor Says:

    The Games for Cats demonstration was classic. I do not have a cat, but I do have a maltese (dog) who thinks he is a cat. I think I’ll try these games on him to see how he responds.

    This component of Larry Stultz’s presentation shows just how many audiences social media reaches. We know it reaches a variety of human demographics, but it is now transcending to animals? The advertising power here is immense! If you can get a cat (or dog, in my case) addicted to games a brand produces, you will be likely to buy them that brand of pet food.

    Who knew…animals can influence our purchasing decisions through social media!

  2. ericproctor Says:

    By the way, when you said “less than an hour,” it really struck a chord with me. I have tried to cram as much of a WVU campus experience into my limited time in Morgantown as possible. Why? My friends back home tease me and say that I can’t claim Mountaineer fandom because I’ve never been on campus. I changed that today, in less than an hour of being here. My wife and I parked the car, got out, and met our first person in Morgantown…football coach, Bill Stewart! Coach Stewart was amazing, one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. He posed for pictures with me and even signed the campus map I got in my Integrate information packet.

  3. ericproctor Says:

    Poonam Kumar provided excellent information on Social Media! It will definitely be valuable to me as I try to help our organization build a Social Media plan. As I told her, our organization is in anything place. We are starting to embrace Social Media by establishing a presence and empowering our employees to use various channels. Yet, ironically, the firewall we have in place blocks access to sites such as Facebook and Twitter!

    Poonam Kumar took the time to provide me with very helpful tips on locating resources devoted to forming Social Media guidelines.

  4. ericproctor Says:

    When I was at dinner tonight with my wife, I talked about something Rachael Post highlighted in her presentation. She showed a video which provided a demo of the first fully interactive ebook. This book enabled iPad or iPhone users to pich to grab a picture and seemingly lift it from the page. From here, users could interact with the picture further. For example, an individual could blow on a picture of a windmill, and the windmill would turn.

    It was fascinating and almost eery.

    At the conclusion of our dinner conversation, my wife responded to me that it was going to be scary to see how much more our future children have and know than we do!

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