Super Bowl (commercial) recap


Well, since I would prefer not to discuss the outcome of the actual football game (sniffle sniffle), how about we discuss something more interesting and something that actually pertains to IMC—Super Bowl commercials! 🙂

Here is a link to all of the commercials, in case you missed any:

My favorites:

  • All of the Doritos commercials (but the finger one was my favorite)
  • The VW Force (Passat) and VW Bug commercials
  • The Pepsi Max girlfriend commercial

Worst Commercials:

  • The Homeaway “Test Baby”—Seriously, who thought that was a good idea? This commercial is already receiving a ton of criticism. It’s just creepy.
  • Budweiser—Usually the Clydesdales commercials are among my favorites, but I thought this year’s effort was pretty lame.
  • Groupon—I just didn’t get those.

Maybe it’s just because I’m currently enrolled in Cause Marketing, but did anyone else notice the abundance of green-themed commercials this year? At what point do all of these green commercials start to blend together? Or is that already happening?

In light of some of the discussions I’ve been having in my Mobile Marketing class, it was fun to see the different approaches to the iPhone commercials—the one from AT&T and the one from Verizon.

Here is a link to the results of how the ads ranked among viewers:

What were your favorite commercials? Which were your least favorites? Did any of you watch any of the ads prior to the Super Bowl online or through social media? Please discuss. 🙂

2 Responses to “Super Bowl (commercial) recap”

  1. Barry Fuchs Says:

    I really enjoyed the Hyundai “Anachronistic City” (aka New Hyundai rocks old-style world):

    It makes a great argument for embracing new products…and I’m pretty sure we’re now going to see someone, somewhere try to stage a bike race with old-fashioned, big wheeled bikes!

    I also liked one of the least popular commercials, for the diesel BMW, but only because I’m already excited about the prospect of this engine being available in the states. They were pretty brave to use their competitors (Mercedes and Volvo) cars in the ad as examples of smelly, dirty diesels.

  2. Hayley Johnson Says:

    Hey Stacy. I agree. I loved all of the ones that were your favorite as well. I also was disturbed with the one with the baby.

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