Planning for bad weather


Happy Friday, IMC friends!

What a snowy week it’s been here in Morgantown! How many of you have been affected by the weather this week? Have any of you had to adjust your IMC studies? I live on top of a hill and when we have a heavy, wet snow (like we did this week) oftentimes we’ll lose power due to downed lines. Luckily, this week the power stayed on. But, whenever the weather is forecast to be bad, I always try to get my discussion posts and assignments done a little bit ahead of time just in case (easier said than done, I know). I learned my lesson in weather unpredictability and procrastination last winter during my first class, IMC 610 – Introduction to IMC. I had my final project done in plenty of time before the Monday night deadline, but I always like to proofread stuff—especially finals—several times before I turn it in. I had planned on turning in my final on Monday evening after looking it over once more. However, after getting pummeled with an ice/wind storm that knocked my power, I ended up having to drive to my parents’ house to submit my final. By that time it was pretty close to the deadline. Oops.

By now you’ve probably heard that the IMC Program has moved its office location to the downtown Wharf District of Morgantown. Since many of you don’t live in Morgantown, I decided to pay a visit to the new offices to see the new digs—very nice!

IMC Advisor Shelly Stump's new office

View of Monongahela River from IMC Program offices

Have a great weekend everyone!

One Response to “Planning for bad weather”

  1. Kim S Says:

    We’ve been dealing with the snow and ice here in Philly, too. In the past 2 days, we’ve gotten 15 inches of snow and even had a bit of thundersnow, which is quite spectacular if you’ve never seen it. My office has been closed for three days but of course we’re still expected to make use of technology and work from home. IMC program-wise, the time off has been wonderful because I’m now ahead of the game. Still, I’m looking forward to spring!

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