Are you an Apple or an Android?


Hello IMC pals! We survived Week 1! Only eight more to go … 🙂

How are your classes going? Are you settling into a routine? I’m still adjusting to my “two classes at once” schedule. I was really excited to take both of the electives I’m now enrolled in, IMC 624 Cause Marketing and IMC 193I Mobile Marketing, and so far they have been a lot of fun. For Cause Marketing, we were asked to choose a campaign to focus on for the semester, and I ended up choosing Zynga. For those of you who are unfamiliar, Zynga is the company that creates all those games (love ‘em or hate ‘em) that you see/play on Facebook—Farmville, Mafia Wars, Frontierville, etc. If you’ve been following this blog, you probably already know that I farm on Farmville. I had to put my farm on the backburner when I started the IMC program last year, but I am still a Zynga fan and hopefully I will be able to farm again one day. This Cause Marketing class, I think, is going to be a fun way for me to reconnect with a brand that I’m already a big fan of.

Zynga's "Sweet Seeds for Haiti" cause marketing campaign

My first assignment in my Mobile Marketing class focuses on the iPhone—one of my favorite toys! We’ve been discussing the iPhone on the discussion board this week, and, not surprisingly, the Android vs. iPhone debate is heating up.

Obviously, you know which team I “cheer for,” but I will be the first to admit that I’ve seen more and more of my friends purchasing Android phones over the last several months. Just in my own observations, it seems to me like most of the folks buying Androids weren’t previous iPhone users. But I thought I would ask you guys—what type of phone do you use? Are you an “iPhone” or an “Android”—or neither? Do we have any iPhone users who have switched to an Android phone—or vice versa? If so, what made you switch?

5 Responses to “Are you an Apple or an Android?”

  1. Kevin Says:

    What a good post. Hopefully it will generate a lot of discussion. I am currently an iPhone user. I say currently because I’m considering switching when my contract is up. I like my iPhone but being a big Google (Gmail, Docs, Reader, Voice, etc) User I think the integration with those apps may be better.

    I’ll also have a few more with the Android when it comes to carriers. Even though Verizon is getting the iPhone I’m still stuck with AT&T.

  2. Logan Says:

    I’m an Android now, but I used to be an iPhone. I find Android’s open-source, not-locked-down approach to its OS to be refreshing. Apple makes a great product, and it works smoothly, but that’s because they are very controlling of what you can and can’t do. If you want a true open-source environment, you have to be willing to deal with a few “hiccups” in the road.

    That being said, I am also an iPad user. I see the pros and cons of both platforms, and enjoy being able to take advantage of the best of both worlds.

  3. Katie Says:

    What an interesting topic!

    Up until this past November, I was an iPhone. I loved the phone. It’s a great product. The iPhone forever changed my expectations for what a phone should accomplish. However, now I’m Android. My decision was driven more by the service provider, than the actual phone itself. I moved from AT&T to Sprint for a few reasons.

    One, call quality/availability for AT&T is horrible. I was dropping calls in their 3G zones (AT&T customer service was quick to blame the phone). So, I had been frustrated. Two, the Droid OS continues to improve. Three, apps for Androids are becoming more and more available. And four (and most importantly), Sprint is WAY cheaper than AT&T.

  4. stacywise Says:

    Hi all,

    Wow! Three Android users. I’m not surprised by that, but I’m a little surprised that two of you were iPhone users who switched. I should also say that I’m a big Google fan, too, but so far Android hasn’t given me a reason to make the switch. Katie, it’s funny you bring up AT&T. I was talking to my husband this morning about the Verizon deal and whether or not people would switch carriers. I have no beef with AT&T. It works pretty well here in Morgantown. But he travels a lot and he told me that he’s been several places where his iPhone has gotten horrible reception–even in major metropolitan areas.

  5. chrisgump Says:

    Great post! I’ve been an Apple user since 1990. My love affair with Apple began with the Macintosh LC during my freshman year in college. I have faithfully used Apple products in both my professional and personal lives. Remember the Apple Newton? Yeah, I had one. My current collection of Apple paraphernalia includes the iPad, an iPhone, and a MacBookPro. My husband and son also have an iPhone and iTouch, respectively. So I’m tell you guys this because I am a solid, devoted Apple user. I am also a programmer by trade with a background in UNIX. Needless to say, I was thrilled when Apple announced their OSX operating system was based on UNIX. For a stable platform with a tried and true OS, nothing beats the iPhone. The best part about Apple as I see it is the Developers Program. Apple has a section of their Website devoted to developers with all sorts of free kits, how tos, interfaces, and support. If you’re looking for pros vs cons, here’s one to consider: the Apple platform releases updates faster than the Android and the OS more secure. There are more apps available in the iTunes store for the iPhone as well as a free app SDK (Software Developers Kit) available, which I have downloaded. The best part about being a rabid Apple fan is the interoperability of their products. I love the fact that one iTunes account can sync all of my families’ devices using my MacBookPro. My husband the PC user (yes, I married him anyway) can access the iTunes library on my Apple using iTunes on his PC through iTunes Home Sharing feature. See? Who says Apple doesn’t play well with others?! In case my marriage ends over the PC vs Apple debate, there’s even a dating site for Apple fans only ☺

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