Online Black Friday


Hello IMC Friends!

Happy early Thanksgiving! I know that our classes keep going despite the upcoming holiday season, but nevertheless I hope all of you are able to take some time away from your studies and enjoy some food, family, and friends (I know I plan on it!).  🙂

Along with Thanksgiving comes the day that all retailers are gearing up for—the day that some shoppers are already giddy about. Yes, I’m talking about Black Friday. Now, I’ve been thinking about it, and I’ve concluded that there are three kinds of holiday shoppers. There are the shopaholics – the ones that will get up at 3 a.m. and camp out in front of a store in the early morning hours of Black Friday to get a good deal (some of these people actually started shopping holiday in July). They usually give the best gifts and take great pride in finding the perfect gift for every person.

Next, we have the standard holiday shoppers. These people MIGHT venture out on Black Friday—if they can get motivated to get off the couch. However, they will never get up in time to take advantage of the early Black Friday deals. And some might just bypass Black Friday altogether to eat leftovers and watch football instead. They get most of their shopping done a few weeks before Christmas, but oftentimes you’ll see them scurrying around the stores on Christmas Eve Day.

Lastly, there are the anti-shoppers. Anti-shoppers are experts at pawning off their holiday shopping on others (usually a spouse, a sibling, or a parent). You won’t see them in stores. If you get a gift from an anti-shopper, odds are it didn’t actually come from him or her.

Anti-shoppers are notorious at providing any and every excuse to get out of holiday shopping (I know this firsthand because my husband is an anti-shopper). The most popular excuses are, “I just don’t like the crowds during the holiday season” or “It’s so frustrating having to stand in those long lines.” But for all of you anti-shoppers out there, there’s something I want to introduce to you—this thing called the Internet.

The Internet has certainly transformed the way holiday shopping is done—at least it has for me. With the help of the Internet, I got all of my Christmas shopping done for Hailey in the span of about an hour last weekend without getting off my couch. It was awesome. Honestly, now that I have a daughter I have a new respect for my Mom, who without the help of the Internet had to search high and low for that one impossible-to-find toy each year (she still tells me every year about the Cabbage Patch Kid shopping nightmare).

Since I’m currently enrolled in IMC 619 Emerging Media and the Market, I’ll be paying special attention this year as to how brands are promoting their holiday and Black Friday deals on social networks like Twitter and Facebook.  Have you come across any good holiday deals on Twitter or Facebook yet?

Happy shopping!

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