IMC, Baby!


Hello IMC Land! I know I’ve already discussed the flexibility and convenience of the IMC program in other posts, but after learning more about my new classmates through their introductions last week, I want to revisit the subject.

Welcoming my daughter three years ago was one the biggest, most life-changing experiences of my life thus far—something that you can never be fully prepared for, no matter how hard you try. However, the flexibility of the IMC program is making it possible for several of my classmates to continue their coursework despite life-altering circumstances.

Last week, I was surprised and happy to learn that we have something of an IMC Baby Boom going on. One of my classmates, Katie, welcomed her baby girl last May while still enrolled in class.

My classmate, Katie, with her daughter (taken on her Mac photo booth)

Along with Katie, I also learned last week that two more of my classmates will be welcoming new additions to their families soon. My classmate Christian and her husband, Chris, will be welcoming the “first human addition” to their family in March. My classmate Barry and his wife, Lauren (a WVU School of Journalism grad), will also be welcoming a baby in March.

Again, just to give you an idea of the flexibility that the IMC program provides, Katie was able to take a semester off from classes this summer to spend time with her daughter and jump right back into her coursework this fall. And both Barry and Christian have scheduled classes for next Spring.

New babies aren’t the only thing that can throw your entire life off-balance. Anyone who has ever had to move can attest to that. I was happy to see a familiar name, Ashley, in my 619 class last week. The last class I had with Ashley was last Spring. During that class, Ashley was living in West Virginia and waiting to find out where her husband, John (a 2nd Lt. in the U.S. Army), would be stationed. Fast-forward to today. Ashley is currently living in San Antonio, TX, and will be moving shortly to her husband’s first permanent station in Ft. Drum, NY. Despite having to move across the country, Ashley has been able to keep up with her online IMC coursework with ease.

My classmate Ashley with her husband, John

Do any of you have a story you’d like to share about how the flexibility of the IMC program has helped you? Are there any other new additions to the IMC family? We’d love to hear your stories!

3 Responses to “IMC, Baby!”

  1. Autumn Says:

    OMG that baby is the CUTEST!!!!!!! I want to squeeze her ❤

  2. Julie Davis Says:

    The flexibility of the IMC program was wonderful! When I was in the program, I was able to travel to Montana to spend a week with a friend who was getting married (I live in WV).

    I was also able to spend spring break with my roommates in Mexico! I was able to work ahead and spend only a few minutes on the discussion board while I enjoyed a week of sun, fun and girly drinks!

    It’s really great to hear stories from new IMC’ers. I miss being in contact with such great people!

    Good luck, everyone 🙂

  3. Katie W Says:

    Thanks, Autum! That’s my baby! 🙂
    The IMC program continues to be flexible even after the baby arrives. If she gets fussy or needs me, I can take a break from classwork to tend to her and then come back to it when she’s settled. It’s not easy, but it’s certainly more flexible than if I had to be away from her in an actual classroom.

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