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Hi IMC Land,

We’ve been discussing blogs this week in my IMC 615 Creative Strategy class. One of my classmates said that he had three blogs going at one time and it just got to be so much that he gave up and they went dormant. That made me think of the IMC Blog, and how I’d better write something for you guys soon so you know I’m still here!

I’ve had two instances recently where I’ve come across projects that fellow IMC students have been working on, and I want to share them with you.

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to see a presentation by a fellow IMC student, George Cicci. I haven’t had class with George but I’m sure many of you may have. George is working on a project with WVU P.I. Reed School of Journalism assistant professor Dana Coester to develop an iPhone application for a rural West Virginia newspaper, The Parsons Advocate. Some of you are probably asking, “Just how many people in this small, rural town have iPhones?” Someone actually raised that question during his presentation. This particular newspaper was selected for the project because of the town’s proximity to many of West Virginia’s ski resorts. The town gets a lot of tourists from the D.C.-metro area, and these people are the initial targets for the project because many do indeed have iPhones. The app will already be in place when the local community begins to adopt the technology.  

Parsons, WV

The neat thing about this project is that George has been working with The Parsons Advocate to involve local businesses to encourage them to advertise through this app, and the response has been great. The ramifications of the shrinking newspaper industry are huge here in West Virginia, with so many small newspapers serving rural areas. George’s project is a great example of how our IMC knowledge and skills can benefit not only a company, but an entire community.  And, the other great thing about this project is that this app will serve as a model for other rural newspapers nationwide and will be available for them to adopt and modify.

Here’s a link to a paper about the project in case you’re interested in reading more:

The second thing I wanted to share with you is a video. A few days ago, a former co-worker of mine posted a link to a viral video encouraging young people in West Virginia to vote. It turns out that one of the people featured in the video is an IMC student and former classmate of mine, Cartney McCracken (if you watch the video she is the blonde girl doing the talking). I had the IMC 610 Intro to IMC class with Cartney back in January, and during that class she mentioned that she had gotten a new job title, social media strategist. It was pretty cool to stumble across something that she’s been working on through Facebook.

Here is a link to the video:

Great job guys! If any of you have other stories you’d like to share about a project you or your classmates are working on please post them!


PS–I know a lot of you have never been to West Virginia, so here is a photo I took of the leaves earlier this week. Enjoy!

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