I Got Buzzed


Hi IMC pals! I hope everyone’s having a good week thus far. I must say that I’ve been having a blast in my classes this week. For my 612 Audience Insight class, I got to write (again) about one of my favorite TV shows, True Blood, as part of a discussion about buzz marketing.

Again, this was one of those weeks where topics from each of my classes intertwined. Right after I turned in a creative brief assignment for my 615 Creative Strategy class, I started doing some background research for my True Blood discussion post about buzz marketing for my other class. I found case study for True Blood’s Season 2 buzz marketing campaign, which was executed by Digital Kitchen. The folks at HBO handed Digital Kitchen’s creative team a two-word creative brief that simply said, “Create buzz.” Two words! That two-word brief resulted in some really cool creative executions, where ads for real brands targeting vampires were placed in media among regular ads.

The other example of buzz marketing I mentioned in my discussion was one that actually happened to me personally a few years ago. As part of their product launch, the marketers of Stacy’s Pita Chips mailed boxes of pita chips to everyone in the country named “Stacy,” myself included. The boxes contained a letter asking me to send a box to a friend if I liked them (I sent one to my parents).  I’m not sure how effective this tactic was, but I will say that I told all of my friends about it!

What are some of your favorite examples of buzz marketing?  Have you ever been “buzzed”?

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