First day of school jitters


Happy Early Fall everyone!  Another semester is now underway, and I’ve got mixed feelings of excitement and anxiety swirling around in my head (and stomach). I love the first week of classes because it’s a fresh start and a blank slate. It’s always fun to “meet” my fellow IMC classmates, and to see exactly what I’m getting myself into as far as coursework.

Early Fall is going to be a busy one for me! I have IMC 612 Audience Insight with Dr. Lisa Fall, and IMC 615 Creative Strategy & Execution with Dr. Larry Stultz. What about you guys? What are you taking this semester?

One last thing–I want to welcome all the new IMC students who are currently enrolled in IMC 610. If you guys have any questions or comments about the program I’d encourage you to post them either here or on the IMC Facebook page. I’ve gotten several helpful responses with questions that I’ve had so far from IMC  faculty and current students .

Good luck this semester, everyone!  🙂

One Response to “First day of school jitters”

  1. Julie Davis Says:

    It seems so weird for me not to be checking the discussion board, anxiously reading everyone’s biography. Good luck with this semester! The journey may look long now, but I assure you that it goes by quickly! If you have any specific questions, I’m around to ask (check Facebook: Julie Davis — you’ll see my graduation pic!!)!

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